Allies will not Tolerate Massacres: Allies Want American Naval Ships in Turkish Waters,

London, March 6-The proposed allied military control of Constantinople is not to be an occupation in the usual sense, according to the peace conference plans, which, however, are not yet fully matured. (A London despatch fled later than this message but passing it in transmission and being received last night announced the dispatch of a note by the allies to the Turkish government, the terms of which were understood to be drastic and to be followed by drastic action should that prove necessary).


“Will Not Tolerate Massacres

The idea of the conference, it is indicated is to impress the Turks that the world will not tolerate massacres such as those of the Armenians in Cilicia last month. This has been unsuccessfully attempted thru threats from the conference that unless the massacres ceased, the peace terms of Turkey would be much more severe than otherwise, and now the allies plan to make some sort of a military demonstration at Constantinople.


“Ample Troops to Control

The allies have enough troops in Turkey to control Constantinople, if it be necessary to resort to force, but the allied premiers are believed to be convinced that this necessity will not arise. Some reinforcements for the allied troops in Turkey arrived on the scene this week and more will follow. The weather conditions in Cilicia are unfavorable at present for starting military operations, but the allies are agreed that it is absolutely necessary for the French to retrieve quickly and at any cost their recent losses in Cilicia, as the view in conference circles is that the Turks undoubtedly think the allies are tired of fighting and that their notes and warnings have little backing. What the conferences really would like, according to the reports, is for the United States to augment her naval forces in Turkish waters, but there seems to be little expectation that this will be done.


“Daily Rumors of Massacre Movement. Constantinople, March 6 (By the Associated Press) Since news of the Marash massacre became public there have been daily rumors of a movement against the Armenians elsewhere to the great alarm of the Armenian population. The Turkish foreign office today issued a communication, saying: ‘Lately rumors have been printed concerning new Armenian massacres in Anatolia. It is officially declared that, excepting for clashes and brawls in the region of Marash between the Turks and Armenians, caused by acts of violence and a massacre against Mussulmans, no movement has been made against the Armenians in any part of Anatolia. ‘These reports have been spread for the purpose of prejudicing European public opinion and the peace conference against Turkey at a time when its destiny is being discust.’

“Reports for Political Effect.

The Constantinople correspondent of the London Times says: ‘The Porte has returned to its old ways. An official communiqué declares there have been no massacres of Armenians-only affrays between Moslems and Armenians caused by excesses of the latter at Marash. The allied high commissioners have received telegrams, purported to be signed by Armenians at Marash after the evacuation of the French, putting the blame for the trouble on the French and upon some young Armenians seduced by foreign gold. Similar telegrams were caused to be sent by Armenians with a knife at their throats after previous massacres.’

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