Appeal for Armenians

Bishop urges organization of relief for 100,000 who fled from Turkey to Russian territory.

The condition of 100,000 Armenians, who immigrated from Turkish territory to Russian Trans-Caucasia, is described as deplorable in a cablegram from the Central Committee for Armenian Relief, at Tiflis, received today by Miran Sevasley, chairman of the Armenian National Defense Committee

The message was authorized by Catholicos, Souranian, primate of the Armenian Church, and bore the signature of Bishop Mesrop.  It read:

“As a result of the war with Turkey, about 100,000 Armenians have migrated to the Caucasus to save themselves.  The situation is extremely deplorable.  Many are dying of cold and hunger.  In order to save our people from ruin great assistance is necessary.  In the name of these martyrs we beg you to organize for collection of money.  Address contributions to Thournoff, director of the Bank of Commerce, Tiflis.

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