Appeal is Made to Turks for Christians

Turkey Is Asked to stop Alleged Massacres In Armenia Attributed to a Religious Outbreak In That Section

WASHINGTON, April 27- An Appeal for the relief of American Christians in Turkey, following reports of massacres and threatened further outrages were made to the Turkish government by the United States. It was based upon a request of the Russian government submitted through Ambassador Bakhmetieff. Brayan cabled Ambassador Morgenthau, at Constantinople, to make representations to the Turkish authorities asking that steps be taken for the protection of the imperiled Armenians and prevent arecurence of religious outbreaks.

Ambassador Bakhmetiff called on the State Department, late today, with a dispatch from his government which included an appeal to the president of the United States for aid to be forwarded through the Russian government  by the Catholics of the Armenian church at Etchmiedzin in Caucasus. Russia, being at war with Turkey, could not conduct the negotiations directly in the matter.

“The request is from the head of the Armenian church to this government and was forwarded through the Russian ambassador,” said Brayan, “it is the first official notice received of the report of Armenian massacres. Our action is taken as matter of humanity”. Dispatches from tiflis, several days ago, contained the first news of attrocities against   the Armenians in Turkey.

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