No Answer Received From Turkey to Representations Made by Armenian Government


Washington, October 12- Adviced to the state department today from Ambassador Morganthau, at Constantinople, were to the effect that Armenian massacres in Asiatic Turkey have been renewed with vigor since Bulgaria’s entrance into the war as Turkey’s ally.


The ambassador stated that the majority of the Armenians in Asiatic Turkey had been killed.


Those Armenians who were spared are now gathered in the country between the Tigris and Euphrates river.


Representations made by this government some time ago warned Turkey that further atrocities against Armenians would alienate American sympathies, but no answer has been received.


Earlier representations were met with the promise that those Armenians who so wished would be permitted to leave the country and that Protestant Armenians would be spared. Information recently reaching this country, however, indicates that these conditions have not been strictly adhered to.


Although $100,000 from private subscription has been placed at Ambassador Morgenthau’s disposal for distribution among the Armenian refugees, now banished to desert towns, no arrangements have been made for bringing them to this country, as was originally planned.

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