Armenian Massacres Turk Method to Be Rid of Christ Believers

“Girl Sold Into Slavery; Babes Snatched to Be Raised as Mohammedans”
“(By Associated Press) NEW YORK, March 7-Massacres of Armenians were inspired
by the desire of the Turkish ruling class to eliminate from the empire all sects and
creeds except that of Mohammed, according to Lord Bryce, former British
ambassador to the United States, in a cable message to the American committee for
Armenian and Syrian relief, made public tonight. ‘During these recent massacres
whenever any Christian would turn Mohammedan he was spared,’ said Lord Bryce
in his message. ‘Many a Christian child was torn from its parents to be brought up as
a Mussulman. Thousands of Armenian Christian girls were sold in the market or
distributed among Turkish officers to be imprisoned for life in Turkish harems and
there forced into Mohammedanism. But many more thousands of Armenians,
women as well as men, were offered their choice between Christ and Mohammed
and when they refused Mohammed, were shot or drowned forthwith. For days and
days together the bodies of Christian women who had thus perished were seen
floating down the Euphrates. Surely the remains of this suffering nation could make
no stronger appeal for pity and help to the Christians of America than they make
through these martyr deaths. Only a remnant is now left to whom charity can be
extended. It is still a sorely afflicted remnant.”
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