Boy Tells of Armenian Sufferings

Stories of the suffering and starvation in Armenia were told Thursday night at a Syrian and Armenian mass meeting in the First Methodist church by Mrs. M. Kirkorian and Mooshek Vorperian, both natives of Armenia.

Vorperian, a 17-year-old boy, recently escaped Turkish massacre by fleeting across Russia and Siberia, through Corea and Japan, and across the Pacific to America.

‘Our family was happy once,’ he said. ‘Then my aunt died of starvation, my grandmother died of starvation, my uncle killed himself rather than be taken prisoner by the Turks, my brother died fighting, while my little sister and mother are captives of the Moslems.

‘We cute off my little sister’s hair and tried to make her ugly in appearance, but we could not and the Turks demanded her. My father said ‘No.’ My father died for that, but he was happy. I was the only one to escape.

  1. E. doughty of New York representing the central relief committee in America, appealed for financial aid, saying $10,000,000 is needed at once.”
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