Chicago’s Council Condemns Turkish Atrocities in Asia

Chicago’s City Council today adopted a resolution condemning barbarities of the Turks in Asia Minor and calling on the United States Government to protest and take “effective means to prevent further atrocities.”  The aldermen also voted that the “entire City Council constitute a special committee to represent the city” at a protesting meeting of Greeks, Armenians and other Christians tomorrow afternoon

This action was taken at a special meeting of the council called for the purpose of protest.  Alderman John Lyle introduced the resolution.

Cablegrams citing specific atrocities and massacres had been turned over to Alderman John Lyle by John Gekas, a prominent Greek attorney, who received them through Germanos Trainos, Archbishop of the Greek church in America.  The Sunday mass meeting was called through the cooperation of Dr. Howard Agnew Johnston, president of the Chicago Church Federation.

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