Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castoria. U.S. Tars Adopt Armenian Boy.

Washington Jan 7-After losing his parents in one of the numerous Turkish massacres in Armenia and having as his only habitation an overturned small boat on the shore of the Black Sea, a 10-year old Armenian boy was rescued by American sailors and liked the navy so well he has now adopted the name of the ship as his own. The youthful refugee now goes by the name of Harry Overton, after his U.S.S. Overton, members of whose crew rescued him from starvation. He is now aboard the Overton, where he constitutes an exceedingly active member of the ‘gang’ performing all sorts of sailor jobs about the ship. He was first found by the crew of the Overton’s motor launch,, which was cruising off Batoum, on the Black Sea, who picked him up off the beach and, after feeding him returned to their ship with their mascot. He spoke Russian, Greek, Armenian, Turkish and French, but no English. He soon learned enough English to tell his story. Following the death of his parents he had come to the beach and had existed more than a year under the boat, feeding himself with scraps washed ahsore from passing vessels. He had to be turned over to another ship when the Overton was ordered to Constantinople, but when the Overton got there the first boat returning from shore young Harry who had traced his old friends across the Black Sea and was waiting there for them. What will eventually be done with him is uncertain, as there are no provisions for bringing him to this country.

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