Drive Coming January 12-19 for Armenians

Another drive is coming.  Another National Campaign for funds.  The dates are January 12 to 19.  The cause “Relief in the Near East.”  The fund to be raised in the United States is thirty million dollars.  Vermont’s share is $60,000.  St. Johnsbury’s share is $2914.  What is your share?  Before you answer that question you have a right to some information.  What is the fund for?  How is responsible for it?  Who handles it?  Why are the people of the United States, of Vermont, of St Johnsbury asked to contribute at this from for the cause?

Here are the facts – Read them and let your own convenience tell you what to do.

You are asked for $30,000,000 to sustain the lives of 2,950,000 Christians and Jews through the winter, through their return to a new life free from religious and political persecution.


America entered the great war that the rights of small nations may never again be trampled upon.  The noble little nations of the Near East have kept the faith and borne the burden of massacre which thousands of miles have kepy from our homes.

Victory has come.  And now these bravest and staunchest pilgrims, in sight of the goal of freedom, stand for lack of $30,000,000 – your $5 and $10 and $50 – an immediate danger of starvation or of death from the diseases of war and hunger.

Why doesn’t the Red Cross do it?

The Red Cross found the machinery of relief already at work in the Near East – the missionaries, who know the people and speak their languages, and all official representatives of the United States had been organized by the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief.  Channels of distribution were well established.  And the Red Cross asked the Committee to carry on all relief work in the Near East territory in order that there be neither duplication nor lest motion.  The territory is Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Armenia, Persia, and Northern Egypt.

100 per cent Efficient! Every dollar you give goes to the Near East.  All expense of collection and distribution is met privately.

Of the $12,321,145.92 collected before Sept. 30th, 1918, $12,371,145.92 was sent to the field.  The increase of $50,000 over collections was interest accrued from daily balances.

Your $30,000,000 will go in full to save the lives of individuals and of whole countries.

Full government approval and cooperation is given to the Commission’s work.  All funds are transmitted through the Department of State.  The shipping Board and all consular agents of the United States Government give every possible aid.

There are 3,950,000 souls, 400,000 of whom are orphans, all in desperate need.  17 cents per person per day is the estimated expense of giving them food.

Catholics, Protestants, and Jews alike have been the victims of Turkish oppression and of Turkish government orders to exterminate or drive from their homes and industries every other people in the Near East.  Catholics, Protestants, and Jews alike are receiving every help within our power.

The Commission’s work is one, not only of relief but of repatriation and reconstruction.  Our budget includes seeds for next year’s crops, farm implements, cattle and sheep.  These people are freed from their oppressors but shorn of homes and property.  Our part is to set them on their own feet.

Cables from every worker in the Near East tell a story such as this:

Cable from Constantinople

“Refugees from all countries and many deported Armenians drifting back.  Their homes in ruins, lands laid waste, cattle and implements gone.  Need help to reestablish.  Need much help for they have lost everything.  Heroic men and women who have strained every energy to save lives now have task of picking out those who shall perish.  Can you not cable that promised monthly appropriation is certain to end June, 1919.  Such action would double value of gift.”

(Signed) Stovall,

U.S. Minister at Berne, Switzerland

The Near East looks to america as the defender of liberty, the big brother to little people.  America has given them their greatest uplift – their colleges, their chief encouragement to progress, and generous help through their crisis.  The Great War has resulted in their liberation.  

Shall they lack our support for effectual rehabilitation?

Shall we fail to save them from immediate starvation?

The officers of the National Campaign Committee of the American Committee for Relief in the Near East, (formerly American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief) are Alexander J. Hemphill, chairman, Cleveland H. Dodge, treasurer, William B. Miller, director-general.

Among the members of the national organization are Hon. William Howard Taft, Hon. Charles Evans Hughes, Charles W. Eliot, James Cardinal Gibbons, VAnce C. McCormick, Henry Morganthau, John R. Mott, Oscar S. Straus and many other prominent men.

The Campaign Committee for St. Johnsbury is John C. Clarke, J. H. Brooks, James Cosgrove, Z.S. Waterman, H.A. Power, C.W. Steele, W.W. Farr of teh Citizens Bank is treasurer.  


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