Excuses Turks For Armenian Massacre

German Critic Denounces Victims as Rebels and Tools of Allies.

Berlin, Dec. 19. Via London .- Count Ernest von Reventlow, naval expert, writing in the “Tages Zeitung,” further discusses the Armenian question, using as his text an expression contained in a pamphlet just published by C. Adolf Bratter, a Berlin political writer.

Count von Reventlow cites this book as saying Armenian atrocities always arise in the same way, i.e. “revolutionary Armenians are incited by Great Britain or Russia to uprisings, rebellion and treason. Full of bitterness, the Turks for decades have been vainly endeavoring to suppress these conspiracies.”

Bratter’s book further declares that “Great Britain, with the help of Russia and France in the present case, planned an extended conspiracy in Armenia with the purpose of having an uprising occur at the moment when the allies entered the Dardanelles. Unfortunately for the Armenians the uprising came too soon.”

Count von Reventlow welcomes the book, saying:-

“It is high time Germans comprehended the real meaning of Armenian atrocity affairs. They should finally understand that it is not our affair to feel or even express sympathy with Armenian revolutionaries and usurers who form a great and malignant danger for our brave, tried and true Turkish allies, and who are the tool of our mortal enemies – Great Britain and Russia.

“If the Turks did not defend themselves energetically and thoroughly against the Armenian danger whenever it arises, they would be doing their allies as well as themselves a bad service. Therefore, we Germans must consider the handling of the Armenian question as an internal affair of the Turks.”

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