Gen. Azgapetian To Talk On Near East

Former Russian Red Cross Worker Will Tell of Armenian Massacres.

This afternoon Mrs. Archibald A. Welch, of No. 21 Woodland street, will entertain in honor of General Nevton Azgapetian and Lady Anne Azgapetian, formerly of the Imperial Russian Red Cross, and at present in this country on tour in the interests of the American Committee for the Relief of the Near East.

At this afternoon’s event Lady Anne will address Mr. Welch’s guests briefly and tell of the terrible scenes she has witnessed in Armenia, Syria and Persia and tell something of conditions as they are in disrupted Russia.

This evening at Center Church House General Azgapetian will address a mass meeting, open to the public, and tell the first hand story of ravished Armenia as only a man who has had the opportunities that have been afford General Azgapetian can.

General Nevton N. Azgapetian is a graduate of Robert College, Constantinople, the University of Genoa and Columbia University, (New York city). He is also an old member of the Seventh Regiment, (N. G. N. Y.) He is admirably qualified to speak upon the existing war condition in the Near East having traveled extensively throughout Asia as well as Europe.

For many years he was engaged in the military and diplomatic service of Persia and was raised to the rank of major general. He was also aide-de-camp to his Imperial Majesty, the Shah, and upon his return to America in 1901 he was appointed first secretary to the Legation at Washington.

In 1915 General Azgapetian and his wife went to Russia and entered the service of the Imperial Russian Red Cross, the general as a physician and Mrs. Azgapetian as a nurse. Their efficiency and devotion was greatly appreciated and they were awarded the medal of merit and the Cross of Vladines.

Besides several ancient languages, General Azgapetian speaks English, German, French, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, Greek and Russian. He has also written a number of magazine articles on Oriental topics.

General Azgapetian has just returned from Persia and the Caucasus. He is a strong speaker and has an authentic message to deliver to the American people before returning to the Orient to continue the relief work to which he has devoted his life.

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