Guilty of Massacre Hanged in Public

[Republican A.P. Leased Wire]

CONSTANTINOPLE, April 12, (Saturday), – Kemal Bey, givernor of Diarhekr, has been publicly hanged in Bayaid Square in Stamboul, in the presence of the military governor of Constantionople and other high officials.

Kemal Bey was sentenced to death as one of those responsible for the Armenian deportations and massacres in the Yo Ghad district. The former commander of the gendearmie  in Yoz Chad was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in the fortress.

These sentences were confirmed by an imperial irade.

The trial of those responsible for the Armenian massacres by the Turks hegan early in February at Constantinople. The prosecutor declared that it was necessary to punish the authors of the massacres which had filled the whole world with horror.

Kemal Bey was former Turkish minister of food.

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