Half Million Armenians have Been Massacred

[Republican A. P. Leased Wire]

New York, April 2-, The Rev. Charles T. Riggs, editor of “The Orient” American Board of Foreign Missions, who recently returned to America, after living seven years in Turkey, declared in a statement issued today that the Armenian massacres were checked through the efforts of German and Austrian diplomatic representatives.

He expressed the opinion that not more then 500,000 Armenians were killed, instead of 1,000,000 as has been reported.

Revolutionary ideas brought in form Russia, he asserted, had much to do with the trouble. The Turks, he explained had turned on a whole people instead of concentration their efforts upon the punishment of individuals actually engaged in fomenting revolution. Religious hate and business jealousies, he said led the Turks on to great lengths after they had started out to destroy revolutionaries.

Millions of Turks, Mr. Riggs declared, are in dire need and conditions are getting worse steadily. Prices, especially worse steadily. Prices, especially those of foods, have risen from 500 to 1,000 per cent. The most serious condition has arisen. The most serious condition has arisen, however from the lack of medicines. Quinine can not be bought at all.

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