High School Students Hear About Armenians

Dr. John K. Browne, missionary to Turkey for 20 years spoke to the Maui high School assembly Monday morning and aroused great sympathy in the teachers and pupils by his many illustrations of the heroism of the Armenian girls and boys. Dr. Browne said the Armenians, through greatly decreased in number are a wonderful nation, which has stood the oppression and massacres of the Turks with unfailing faith in Christ. He spoke also of the humble conditions of the people and of their ambition to send their children to the missionary schools, so that they may later teach others. ‘Armenian children,’ said Dr. Browne, ‘do not go to school under the same conditions as we Americans, but they have something better than all our luxuries, ambition to learn. That is what you see in every child’s face. Ambition to learn of Chris and the bible.’ He spoke also of the fact that the Turkish women are asking for the bible which shows a great weakening of the Mohammedan religion. ‘So, as you see,’ he said, ‘the Armenians are living under terrible conditions, indescribable conditions, they are looking to America for help and we must not only do, ‘our bit,’ but our very best for them.

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