Many Armenians Massacred In Egyptian Riots

About 38 Killed And 100 Wounded In Two Days In Cairo And Alexandria – Mob Uses Knives And Hatchets.

Clash Between Rioters and Troops

London, April 13.- A Reuter’s dispatch from Cairo, dated April 11, states that many Armenians were massacred during the rioting on Wednesday and Thursday. It is said that 2,500 Armenians were collected there on Friday night and lodged in various buildings under military protection.

Cairo, Egypt, Friday, April 11.- In two days of rioting here ended at noon Thursday, thirty-eight persons were killed and one hundred wounded, it is announced in today’s official dispatch. Armenians were chiefly the objects of the mob’s attacks and seven of those killed were of that nationality. In rioting in Alexandria, three persons were killed and six seriously injured Thursday morning, while a continuation of attacks on the troops resulted in the killing of seventeen other persons during the afternoon. The text of the statement reads:-

“There was further rioting in Cairo yesterday. The mob, armed with knives and hatchets, made attacks largely directed at Armenians. The police report thirty-eight killed and 100 wounded during the forty-eight hours ended at noon yesterday. The killed include seven Armenians and four Greeks. Military measures were enforced and the night passed off quietly.

“Disturbances occurred in Alexandria yesterday. There was a collision in the morning between troops and rioters in the Karmus quarter in which three were killed and six wounded seriously. In an Armenian disturbance in the afternoon, the mob persistently attacked the troops, who were obliged to fire, killing seventeen, including a number of the ring-leaders, and wounding a number of others. The public are warned to be in their houses by 8 o’clock in the evening.”

Five British Soldiers Killed

“Five British soldiers, including two unarmed Indians, were murdered on Wednesday. The troops were greatly affected, but showed admirable patience. On Wednesday night the Kasr-el-Ain hospital (Cairo) reported receiving twenty-two killed and forty-seven wounded civilians. A large proportion of those casualties was due to mob outrages. Disorderly crowds composed of the worse elements began operations in the quarters from which the military patrols had been withdrawn at the request of the civil authorities. They murdered and carried out looting operations upon small shops until the troops checked the excesses. The rioters systematically canvassed the houses for Armenians, as was done in the massacres at Constantinople, and held up pedestrians, forcing them to prove their identity. The terror-stricken Armenians took refuge in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis, which is almost entirely European, whereupon the local policemen and watchmen abandoned their posts, apparently shirking responsibility.

“The Egyptian ministry (newly formed on April 9) has not yet formally met. The reinstatement of the civil authorities in the provinces is almost everywhere complete.”

Kemal Bey Executed in Stamboul for Armenian Massacres

Constantinople, Saturday, April 12.- Kemal Bey, governor of Diarbekr, has been publicly hanged in Bayazid Square in Stamboul in the presence of the military governor of Constantinople and other high officials. Kemal Bey was sentenced to death as one of those responsible for the Armenian deportations and massacres in the Yozghad district. The former commander of the gendarmerie in Yozghad was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment in the fortress. These sentences were confirmed by an Imperial Irade.

The trial of those responsible for the Armenian massacres by the Turks began early in February at Constantinople. The prosecutor declared that it was necessary to punish the authors of the massacres, which had filled the whole world with a feeling of horror. Kemal Bey was former Turkish minister of food.

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