New Fury Now Marks Armenian Massacres

Washington, Oct. 12- Armenian massacres in Asiatic Turkey have been renewed with vigor since Bulgaria’s entrance into the war as Turkey’s ally. This information reached the state department from Ambassador Morgenthau, who stated that the majority of the Armenians in Asiatic Turkey had been killed.


Although representations were made by this government some time ago, warning Turkey that further atrocities against the Armenians would alienate the sympathies of the American people, no answer has been received.


Earlier representations were met with two concessions, promising that those Armenians who wished to leave the country would be permitted to go unharmed and further the Protestant Armenians would be spared, Information recently reaching this country, however, indicates that these conditions have not been strictly adhered to. From one quarter it was asserted that “they were rescinded the next day.” Those Armenians who were spared are now gathering in the country between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

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