Prays no Peace for Germany with William on Thrown

[Republican A. P. Leased Wire ]

CLEVELAND, May 20, With a fervent prayer that Germany would not have one hour of peace while William II is on the throne, Rev. Dr. J. A. Francis of Los Angeles, swept his audience into applause today at the convention sermon at the Northern Baptist convention.

“If the Christian church falls in this hour of supreme trial, we shall not be able to ask forgiveness,: said Dr. Francis.

“We must, first of all be deeply conscious that we are doing right in getting into this fight. Woe to any man who has doubts. The Spanish-American war was an afternoon game of baseball compared to what we have entered. Germany isn’t beaten there are eleven million of fighting men available.

“Germany has the most forceful sovereign of any in Europe. He and his crowd are responsible for the silent O. K. given the Armenian massacres the foulest of all the foul deeds wrought by Germany since August, 1914. I pray to Christian God that Germany may have not one hour of peace while William II is on the throne”.

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