Raising Fund for Armenians Turkey is Driving North

Boston Lawyer Tells How Many Have Gone Home to Aid Comrades

‘Victims of massacre, plunder, pillage and assault by revengeful Turks, almost the entire population of Armenia are being driven into Russia,’ remarked Miran Sevasky, a Boston Lawyer who was at the Hotel Cadillac Monday. Mr. Sevasky is chairman of the Armenian National Defense commission that is raising funds and sending Armenians back to their native land to protect their countrymen who are traveling north.

‘Conditions in Armenia are almost the same as in Poland,’ continued Mr. Sevasky. ‘The Turks and Russians are fighting each other. Turkey has never had any use for Armenia and our people have been forced to leave their homes and seek safety in Russia. To protest these families as they trudge north with their backs and household utensils we have sent more than 2,000 Armenians from America and more will go. We are not entering war.

‘Our movement has been under way only two weeks and we have collected about $20,000. No effort is being made to seek contributions from Americans. But there are 70,000 Armenians in this country and our appeal to them is being liberally answered.’

Mr. Sevasky says the recruits are being sent first to France and then through Romania, Bulgaria and Greece to Armenia. Sevasky was born in Armenia, educated at the British college in Smyrna and studied law in France and England. This was his first visit to Detroit. He remarked that this city impresses the stranger as more like Vienna and other European cities than Philadelphia, Boston, New York and other eastern points.

‘It is really the only city in America that reminds one of Europe,

he said.

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