Details for Canvass for Armenians and Syrians to be Completed.


At the meeting Monday evening of captains, lieutenants and secretaries of the district committees which are to conduct the drive for Armenian and Syrian relief plans were discussed and details adopted, a plan of the several districts, appointed by Miss Charlotte E. Burleigh, being adopted. Mr. A. II. Bozyan spoke of the Situation in Armenia and the need of work for the relief of the Armenians and Syrians. The captains of the district committee will meet their team workers this week and a general meeting will be held next Monday evening to complete details for the canvass, which will be started Tuesday morning. Of the 24 members of the committees only three were absent. One of these was ill another had been notified of his appointment only late in the afternoon and could not arrange to be present and the third was engaged in other work. Two of the sub-committees of the executive committee held meetings this afternoon. The committee on arrangements for the opening rally to be held in the Council chamber at the City Hall, of which Rev. Stanley C. Hughes is chairman, met in Mr. Hughes’ study, and the committee on publicity, of which Mr. Paul T. Christie is chairman, at the Young Men’s Christian Association building on Mary street.

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