Rev. Papazian Plans Long Speaking Tour

Armenian Minister Will Speak at Luncheon on the Turk Atrocities Next Week

Rev. M.G. Papazian, Armenian minister, arrived in Reno yesterday from San Francisco.  He spoke in local theaters last night on the Turkish atrocities in the Near East, and it is planned to have him speak at a luncheon next week.

Rev. Papazian has an intimate knowledge of conditions as they exist inside the Turkish empire, having been a witness to the cruelties and massacres of the Armenians in 1895-96.  He has talked with scores of victims of Turkish oppression and made a study of conditions as they affected the people.

“His addresses clearly set forth the conditions of the people of Western Asia, where thousands upon thousands of men, women and children are starving and destitute, having been driven by the Turks from their homes and farms and sent out into the deserts to die,” said Walter H. Nagle, chairman of the campaign for Nevada last night.

“Only Remnant Remains”

“Today but the remnant of a once great people remain.  These people are pleading for their lives, pleading with America to save them from death by starvation.  Relief workers for the American committee for relief in the Near East are doing their utmost to meet the situation.  Children crying for bread, women actually dropping dead from starvation on the streets and men so emaciated and starved that they have no strength left are common sights in these countries about which Dr. Papazian will speak.  He brings a message that America must heed or 4,000,000 unfortunate will perish.  

“Prefer Death to Shame”

How 1600 Armenian maidens jumped from a bridge to their death in order to escape a worse fate at the hands of the Turks and Kurds in Western Asia, is told by Papazian.  He says that 1600 Armenian girls, selected for their beauty, were being driven over a bridge to a city where they were to be sold into slavery and worse.  As they reached the bridge, one girl, with a cry, leaped into the swirling stream and immediately the entire band of girls followed.  They were swept to their death and the Turks and Kurds created of their prey.  

“Bones Blaze Trail”

Dr. Papazian also stated that the drying bones of the victims of Turkish deportations mark the trail across the desert.  Millions, he asserts, died of starvation and those that are left are in direct need of food and clothing.  He makes an earnest appeal for support for the Armenian-Syrian relief drive for finds the week of January 12.  “The only hope of these 4,000,000 starving people is America,” said Dr. Papazian.

Nagle Goes to Ely

Walter Nagle left last night for Ely where he will speak for the relief committee.  He  expects to be gone the greater part of the week, speaking in Elko, Winnemucca and other cities in that section of the state.

The committee in Reno has decided to send out a letter to all the Red Cross contributors in the recent drive asking for help.  The Red Cross committee has already indorsed the plan and the solicitation will begin the ensuing week.

Nagle arrived from Yerington Friday evening and reported that the people in that vicinity are very enthusiastic over the drive.  Dr, Van Alstyine and Frank Stickney of Yerington were appointed as chairman of the relief board in that vicinity.  W. H. Austin of Fernley was appointed chairman for the vicinityo f Fernley.

“Rev. Adams to Speak”

Rev. Brewster Adams of Reno will accompany Rev. Papazian throughout the state.  It has been planned for the Armenian minister to speak at Fallon at a union church meeting tonight, at Lovelock Monday night, Tuesday in Ely, Ruth and McGill, and the following night at Winnemucaa.  

The committee of relief for Washoe county are: J.C. Durham, chairman; Walter H, Nagle, campaign manager for the state; H.H. Kennedy, secretary and treasurer; Judge George S. Brown, Dr. J. LaRue Robinson, Ed Nixon, R.M. Chaplin and Rev. Brewster Adams.


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