Tells of Kurd Massacres

PARIS, Jan. 2- (Havas)- In giving details of the Armenian massacres in Turkey in the last five years, the Constantinople correspondent of the Petir Parisien says that at any time 100,000 Armenians were concentrated for alleged strategical reasons at Dorgor, Ambia. Turkish authorities in Constantinople thought the number was too high, and gave orders that 80,000 of the Armenians be put out of the way.

In the Mush valley, the correspondent adds, the Kurd’s robbed 2,000 Armenian women. Later, suspecting that the women had swallowed their jewels, the Kurd’s killed them in a horrible manner and burned their bodies. The net day, the correspondent continues, these monsters quietly sifted the ashes seeking the jewels.”

The Correspondent reports that in the same region, 7,000 children, between three and ten years of age, died buried alive in trenches which the Turks first forced them to dig.

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