Travelers Tell Horrors of Armenian Massacres. All Inhabitants of Cities Forced Out Into Deserts, Where They Die…Hundreds

London, October 9- An Englishman who recently arrived at a Mediterranean port from Turkey writes in reference to the Armenian massacres that ‘the tale is awful; the outlook is hopeless,’ ‘The inhabitants of cities like Zeitun and Hadjin have been driven out like cattle,’ he said, ‘and made to march long distances under the burning sun, hungry and thirsty. A large number from Zeitun recently reached Adana utterly destitute, many others having been left to die on the road. Husbands were forcibly separated from their wives and went to places long distances apart. Children similarly were separated from their parents.’ ‘Twenty-eight thousand persons are being remoced by order of the government from the district of Zeitun and Marash to distant places in strictly non Christian communities,’ another writer states. ‘Thousands already have been sent into the provinces of Konia, Kasrea and Kastamuni, while others have been taken southeastward as far as Diereizr and reports say, to the vicinity of Bagdad. ‘The sick drop by the wayside, women in a critical condition giving birth to children, which according to reports, many mothers strangle or drown because of lack of means to care for them. The accompanying gendarmes are told that they may do as they wish with the women and girls.

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