Armenian Massacres Are Described by a Topeka Soldier

Topeka, Sept 13-It would be difficult, if not impossible, to exaggerate the needs of the Armenians, according to Lieut. Frank Peers, who, with his sister, has just returned from that stricken land where they served many months as Armenian relief workers. Hundreds of the refugees cared for by the Topekan and his sister were the victims of Turk atrocities, and during the siege of Aintab, Turkey, when 10,000 Armenians had to defend themselves against 40,000 Turks, natives as well as their American benefactors themselves all but despaired of their chances to escape the Turks’ machete. ‘It was horrible, of course,’ said Peers, ‘but because we were busy every minute caring for the mutilated men, women and children, we didn’t have much time to dwell on the horror of the affair. I shall never forget-and never expect to see anything more exciting when two columns of French troops came to our rescue and the Turks began to flee. From our position on the hill we could see the Turks scrambling in every direction to get away. ‘Every day of the massacre, women and children, stabbed frightfully by the Turks, would stagger into our building. It was indescribably. It is difficult to make the Americans feel the dire need overe there. They need help as much or more than they did a year ago.’ While Mr. Peers was at Aintab, his sister was stationed at Aleppo where a number of massacres of Armenians took place. At one time Mr. Peers received word that his sister had been slain .’For two weeks I believe that she had either been killed or captured by the Turks,’ he said. It developed, however, that she was unharmed. She had planned to make a motor trip to another city with a group of relief workers, but at the last moment was delayed and did not go. Every member of the party was slaughtered by the Turks. Peers was a lieutenant in the overseas service, and following the close of the war went to Armenia as a member of the American Relief in the Near East, remaining in its work a year and a half.”

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