Berlin- July 29.- What is described as the “truth about the Armenian massacres” is revealed to the German public by the Tageblatt, which prints extracts of a book based upon diplomatic documents which the foreign ministry commissioned Johann Lepsius to write.


The writer shows that the Turkish committee of union and progress deliberately decided to realize national ideas by assimilating or destroying the Armenians, who in Turkey number about 1, 850,000. He described the arrest and massacre of 500 Armenian leaders in April 1915, and how the previous so called Armenian rising was provoked as a pretext of young Turk schemes. Lepsius repudiates the charge that Germany favored the crimes or that German officials incited the Turks to commit them, saying the German embassy was impotent.


Theodor Wolff editor-in -chief of the Tageblatt, in connection with the book refers to the deportation of Belgian unemployed says that of 56,000 who were deported and treated as slaves, 1,500 perished in two months.


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