Turks Persecuting Armenian Subject

Moslems Massacre Men, Mistreat Women and Sell Them Into Slavery

Nearly Two Hundred Thousand Villagers in Asia Minor Have Abandoned Homes and Are Fleeing to the Mountains to Escape From Their Cruel Masters-Frightful Scenes Are Enacted

Constantinople, Sept. 16-(Via courier to Dedeaghatch)-The Turks have resumed their methodical extermination of Armenians in all the provinces of the empire. Frightful scenes are being enacted, according to reports brought here. Women are being outraged or sold into slavery: males are being massacred, and whole communities are being driven off into the desert countries.

Nearly 200,000 Armenian villagers between Yeni Chedir and Afion-Kara-Hissar, in Asia Minor have abandoned their homes and are fleeing to the mountains. They are pursued by irregular bands who are shooting down stragglers and carrying off women who fall exhausted by the roadside.

In some villages the local authorities have presided in person at horrible scenes of massacre, according to private advices from the interior. Women and children in some instance were divided among civil and military officers, who were given carte blanche in their treatment of the helpless Armenians. Robust boys have been sold into service into private families.

Young Turks Active

The Young Turks ordered the deportation to the interior of all the Armenian inhabitants of Smyrna, but Rahmey Bey, the local vali, who since the beginning of the war has protected French, English and other Europeans within his jurisdiction, refused to execute the order: He has just arrived in Constantinople to explain his action to the war office.

Le Tanine, official organ of the Young Turk party, announces in an editorial that Turkey will not be safe until the Armenians either are exterminated or forced to accept the Mohammedan religion. The Armenians are denounced as traitors and accused of aiding Turkey’s enemies.

Monsignor Dolci, the papal nuncio to Constantinople, has renewed his appeals to the sublime porte to end the persecutions of the Armenians. It is reported that he acted under instructions from Pope Benedict. Thus far these appeals from Rome have had little effect.

Armenians Flee from Persecution

Paris, Sept 16-A French cruiser has arrived at Alexandria with several hundred Armenian refugees from the region of Alexandretta, Asia Minor, according to dispatches received here today. The Armenians declared that the arrival of the cruiser saved them from massacre at the hands of the Turks.

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