U.S. Trucks Used To Feed Armenians

Several hundred United States Army trucks, used by the Yankees in their invasion of Germany, have been rushed to Armenia and are being used there now in feeding the hundreds of thousands of starving Christians, victims of the cruel Turk and his former German master.

It was at first intended to send trucks from the United States, but the need for immediate relief of the starving hosts became so pressing that, as the request of the American Committee for Relief in the Near East, the Government agreed to sell the committee what trucks it needed and to ship them at once to the famine devastated land.

After the Turks won at the Dardanelles, says Booth Tarkington, the noted author, they felt safe in carrying out the program of killing off all Christians. How all they succeeded before the boys from Maryland and other States ended the power of both the Turks and the Germans is told by the thousands of Armenians who were killed and starved to death.

The campaign of the American Committee for Relief in the Near East, which begins in this state within two weeks and will be the means of helping finish the work begun by the soldiers. Some $30,000,000 is needed to relieve the suffering of these Eastern Christians.

Organization of local committees in the countless to direct the drive is going on rapidly. Many of the most prominent men and women in the several county seats are giving much of their time to the preliminary work. Indications are that the countless will do their share toward raising Maryland’s quote. Allegany county has already appropriated a sum for the relief work from her war chest.

The Baltimore Committee is also being rapidly organized with Judge John C. Rose, former Governor Phillips Lee Goldsborough, General Robert Garrett, John T. Stone, J. Henry Baker, William H. Moris, Jacob Epstein, General Felix Agnus and other public spirited men taking a keen interest.

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