Why The Turks Kill Armenians

WASHINGTON, Oct 6-Why the Turks massacre the Armenians is explained in an interesting letter written to a friend privately by one of the consuls in Asiatic Turkey.

He tells of going into the public square of the city where he is located, and which was one of the scenes of massacre, and hearing a Turksih exhorter of the Moslem faith addressing a crowd of Moslem Kurds.

He was telling them in their native dialect that during his visit to Constantinople Hadji William (Emperor William of Germany) had become converted to the faith of the Prophet and on his return to Germany had proselyted his entire people.

The Germans had become Moslems and in doing so had incurred the enmity of all Christians.

The ferocity of the Christians in their attacks on the holy Germans was then illustrated to the crowd by the exhorter, who exhibited photographs of cathedrals destroyed by German artillery fire.

The effect on the audience was marked. The prejudice to the Christians found its vent in the massacre of Armenians, who are the Christian neighbors of the Moslems.”


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