Would it Suit the Germans

Humann, German naval attache in Constantinople and a personal emissary of the Kaiser said in commenting upon the Armenian massacres “I don’t blame the Turks for what they are doing to the Armenians. I think they are entirely justified. The weaker nation must succumb. The Armenians are against the Turks and the Germans in this war and they therefor have no right to exist here.”

Suppose the Allies should turn this on the Germans and now with the power in their hands to do so if they so chose suppose they should begin a massacre of the Germans similar to that of the Armenians Would Humann say that was right also, that the weaker nation must again succumb? Of course not he would beg for mercy.

Such a man and all those responsible for the outrages of the German army and of the armies of her allies, deserve the death penalty and it is to be hoped that the peace conference will see that they get their just deserts.

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