Young Turks Responsible For Massacre

November 30- It is the Young Turks who are responsible for the Armenian massacre that has practically destroyed the Armenian race. The Armenian prelate who was quoted yesterday on saying that over 950,000 have disappeared, said the Young Turks had given out that the interment of the Armenians was a precautionary measure. He wanted the world to believe that the Armenians would take advantage of the war to rise against the Turks and help the Russians. Last April when the Russians took the offense and drove the Turks back at Tiflis, the Armenians had been standing a siege from the Turks for six months. The Turks had demanded that the Armenians give themselves up, but knowing that they would be butchered, the Armenians fortified the city and remained in a state of siege. The Turks brought up artillery and one of the priest who escaped wrote that the Armenians were bombarded for six months and in the end the city was nothing but a mass of ruins, but still the Armenians held out from a worse fate. When the Russians arrived, the Turks fled taking with them the Turkish population. The order for the massacre of the Armenians all over the country was then issued at Constantinople and it has been going on ever since.

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